Marriage is Easy as ABC (E-book)

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“Marriage is Easy if we can work hard at following the principles that make marriage work” – Ayope Davies

Many singles fear they will end up marrying the wrong person. Similarly, many married couples are not enjoying their marriages because they keep thinking they may have married the wrong person. You cannot change the past, but with positive thinking and actions, you can design your future.

This book uniquely explains the proven concepts for a successful marriage and brings awareness for the unmarried, encouragement for good marriages and hope for failing marriages.

3 reviews for Marriage is Easy as ABC (E-book)

  1. Tamaraebiju

    I’m sooo proud…
    Time to talk is coming…

  2. Chioma

    Am so happy and proud of you guys… Really good models for married couples❤️…

  3. Esther

    I have been waiting for this for so long, Thank you for answer to prayer

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